A new approach to insurance for high net worth individuals and families.

  • How can we use technology to make sure our clients are properly protected and not overpaying for their insurance?
  • How can we use technology to improve the client experience after the on-boarding process is complete?
  • How can we use technology to help our clients avoid frustrations with their insurance?
  • How can we use technology to transform the insurance distribution model for the digital age?

These are the questions we ask ourselves everyday, and InsureScope is our answer!

Ericson Insurance Advisors is a well established, 80 year old, insurance advisory firm that specializes in serving the unique needs of high net worth individuals and families.

Kurt Thoennessen leads the Digital Client Experience Division at Ericson Insurance Advisors and has extensive experience developing insurance programs for high net worth individuals and families. He is using this knowledge to create innovative digital experiences for owners of luxury assets.

InsureScope will make the personal insurance assessment process easier.

Kurt has achieved the following industry recognition for his work in the high net worth insurance space.


Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance (CAPI)

In 2014, Kurt was chosen by Chubb Private Risk Services as one of 40 insurance advisors in the country to participate in their exclusive personal insurance certification program. This year-long curriculum, done in conjunction with the Aresty School of Executive Education at The Wharton School, brings the best personal insurance advisers in the country together to advance their expertise.

The 2015 Joanne Heltibridle Award

The JoAnn Heltibridle Award is named in honor of a distinguished personal insurance professional who perished in the attacks on September 11, 2001. JoAnn was universally recognized by her peers, colleagues and clients as a personal risk management expert with utmost integrity and uncompromising client commitment. The Private Risk Management Association presented Kurt with this award at their annual summit in 2015.

The 2016 Power Broker Award

A Risk & Insurance® Power Broker® is an individual who stands out among their peers for the exceptional client work they delivered over the past year. While brokers play many key roles in the insurance industry and risk profession, a Power Broker® award recognizes problem solving, customer service and industry knowledge. Risk & Insurance magazine selected Kurt to receive this award in the Private Client category of brokers.

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