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“I was buying a multi-million dollar condominium in New York City and wanted insurance in place once we closed. A friend told me to try InsureScope because they specialize in insuring luxury apartments. I completed an application in three minutes and received a competitive quote the same day. I worked with Kurt from InsureScope who was very knowledgable about insurance for high value apartments.”

“Purchasing an engagement ring was the first major purchase in my life so I wanted to make sure it was insured. The value was significant so I knew I would probably need a special type of coverage for it. Someone mentioned InsureScope in a jewelry chat room I did some research in, so I checked it out. The Smart Quote form took 2 minutes to complete and I received a quote the same day. The specialist I worked with walked me through the coverage, answered all my questions and issued the policy over the phone. No other company made it this easy.”

"I knew my policies needed attention, but I had little time to dig into it with someone. My partner mentioned InsureScope was online and that they have specialists who understand the coverage needs of luxury assets. I completed four Smart Quote forms in under 20 minutes and received a proposal for all of my insurance needs a couple days later. My specialist helped me cancel my old policies, answered all my questions and explained the new coverage they were recommending in great detail. I am now much more confident in my coverage and have a greater understanding of my risks."

"Before I found InsureScope I had my three homes insured with three different agents and companies. I completed a Smart Quote form for each home and received a proposal two days later for less money and all the coverage was consolidated with one company. Everything my specialist recommended made perfect sense and the switch was very simple."

“I finished three Smart Quote forms in 15 minutes on the train one morning and received my quotes on the return trip that night. The next day, Kurt from InsureScope reviewed the quotes with me over the phone. We found some areas where we could reduce costs and then issued the polices. It was a great experience!”

"I was in the process of purchasing a new lake home and wanted to get the insurance squared away. I was already a client of Ericson Insurance, but my advisor introduced me to InsureScope.com to complete a Smart Quote form about the new house. It was a breeze! The form was fast, thorough and convenient. The next day I received a proposal of insurance for the new home and a call from my advisor to go through it with me. It was a great experience!"

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